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Misc Products


These nautilus wall hangings come in two sizes, 16" x 12" and 7x5 and have a hole on the back to hang flat against the wall.  The smaller one can free stand on it's side on a shelf also.  They are made of 12 layers of Birch, painted and glued up into a beautiful ode to the famous nautilus symbol


My solids sculptures are the pinnacle of what I offer in my wholesale line.  When a customer just needs to have the best thing I can create these never fail to amaze.  The 3 sculptures are the dodecahedron (7" diam), the icosahedron (7" diam), and the rhombicosidodecahedron (14" diam).  The rhombicosi for short is my most complicated piece I offer using my bowl technique.  It is made from 3216 meticulous glue joints the require absolute precision on the dihedral angles or the whole piece fails to glue up properly.  It is the embodiment of my motto, Engineering as an Art.

These Bowl stands come in handy around the shop.  The 9" size also holds a trivet facing forward very nicely.  The 9" and 15" denotes the size of bowl they are designed for.  I designed them because the bowls are displayed so nicely facing front.  They really help sell the bowls so well that your customers often will purchase one with the bowl.


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