Lotus or Water Lily:  These are made from wood and come with a white tuck and fold box suitable for shipping or gift wrapping.  They include the glass and votive.  Like my other wooden candle holders, they cast an interesting pattern onto the table.  





Votive Candle Holders:  Made from Baltic Birch plywood, they are durable and eye-catching at a great price point.  The weave is our strongest seller due to it's premium light pattern when lit.  It's also our most durable piece.  When turned upside down it can hold over 300 pounds!  A lot of the candles and bowls are strong enough to stand on.  These come with the glass and votive and a white gift box suitable for gift wrapping.  They must be use with a glass-enclosed candle, it is wood after all!  When used with the glass you don't even feel any heat on the wood.




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